If You or Anyone you know, Has a dog that’s been diagnosed with Mast Cell Tumor’s, Please take this short Poll.

Trying to see if there’s a connection between nutrition and all the cases of carcinoma in dogs. Thanks!!!

Mastcell Tumors in Dogs…

I own a French Bulldog named William Shakespeare Atticus Finch, we just call him Will. About five months ago I became the “mom” to a Rat Terrier named “Cutie”. She was far behind on her shots, and it was time for Will to have his so off we went to the Vet’s office. I had noticed that Cutie had an odd growth near her front left armpit not long before we took them in. Cutie does NOT like the Vet’s office. She has to be muzzled. And even with that, when anyone touches her that’s not family, she proceeds to spackle the entire exam room with poop. I don’t think they were too happy. But I’m sure she’s not the first. She’s a bit high strung, to say the least. So..both dogs get checked over. Get their shots. They take them to the back to do blood draws, for their heart worm tests. We pointed out the growth near hear armpit, they said they’d take a look at it when they took her blood sample. So we wait patiently up in the lobby. We get both dogs back and we’re waiting. (We wanted to wait so we could get the heartworm prevention, you know the once a month thing that dogs think are treats)
Ten minutes or so later, the vet tech comes up and says that Cutie’s has a tiny blue speck in it, and they want to re-do her blood test. So..I try to say..”Why don’t you let me walk her back, so she doesn’t go berserk up here in the lobby” ..she totally ignores me. Reaches for her leash, she flips out completely. starts flipping and flopping all over the place, the entire time, crapping all over. Took them 15 minutes to clean all the poop up from the lobby. Not sure why she just didn’t let me walk her calmly back. (DOH!)
We wait another 15 minutes and are called back to the exam room. That’s when we find out that Cutie has a Mastcell Tumor. They did a needle aspiration of it. Said they think it’s a Grade II tumor.
Suddenly we’re pushed into the world of canine cancer. Shocked. Saddened..and completely lost. We take the estimate for her surgery, read and sign it and it’s scheduled.

We get her home. She’s limping. She’s never limped before. I find out that she’s had this tumor for roughly 8 mos? give or take. I was shocked.
Three days later, she starts vomiting and having horrible, bloody (looked like nothing but bright red blood) diarrhea. We take her back to the vet. She’s not eating or drinking. I asked the Vet if what’s wrong with her could be related to her tumor. The vet tells me..”not likely”. So..they make a bubble under her skin on her back of fluids, so she can absorb it as needed. A shot of antibiotics, and some tablets of antibiotics to take for ten days. No food that day and rice, then if that’s tolerated boiled chicken. etc, etc The usual sick dog diet.

All goes well, she takes her ten days of antibiotics. Three days or so after they’re all gone. We start with the vomiting and diarrhea again. This time, after reading about these tumors a bit. I started giving her half a benedryl and half of a Pepcid AC twice a day, Morning and evening. Called the vet’s office, left two messages so far, which haven’t been returned. Her surgery isn’t scheduled for three days from now. My concern is keeping her strong enough to have it. And at this point, if the vet’s “not likely” answer is at all credible anymore.

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